This Is How Many Steps You Should Be Taking During Quarantine

August 14, 2020 by The Zoe Report

While staying home the past five months has been vital in order to decrease the spread of COVID-19, it has certainly made getting the suggested amount of walking a struggle. Which begs the question: how many steps should you be taking during quarantine, anyway?

"I recommend healthy adults take anywhere between 4,000 to 18,000 steps per day," Dr. Pat Carroll MD, Chief Medical Officer for wellness brand Hims & Hers, tells TZR. "With that said, 10,000 steps is an ideal and reasonable target. 10,000 steps averages out to be around five miles." The number of steps you take daily is strongly correlated with your overall health, says Dr. Nate Favini MD, Medical Lead of healthcare provider Forward. "People who take more steps have lower rates of chronic illnesses and even live longer on average than people who take fewer steps," the doctor notes. "One study of women in particular suggested that mortality rates rapidly decrease as more steps are accrued, up to 7,500 steps per day." Additionally, CJ Hammond, XPS Certified Trainer with wellness brand RSP Nutrition notes that walking can improve posture and cardiovascular endurance.

Alternatively, if you don't get in the recommended amount of steps, it could impact your health longterm. "Not prioritizing activity or not reaching your recommended number of steps can make you more likely to experience diabetes, heart disease, elevated blood pressure, and depression," Dr. Favini says. "People with fewer steps even have higher mortality rates compared to more active people."

To help you reach your goal, TZR tapped health and fitness experts on some walking routines to try out. Below, find seven ideas that you can do at home and around the neighborhood.

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