Tips to Increase Business and Gain Loyal Male Clients

October 18, 2021 by American Spa

Increase business and gain loyal male clients with these tips:

EDUCATION IS KEY: “Personal grooming services, such as shaving, haircare, and styling are not always easy to incorporate into spa services, so offering product demos and educational sessions will be key in drawing men into the spa,” says Serena Slade, business development manager at Moor Spa. “I also suggest having an informative website along with relative social media content that speaks to a male audience.”

HIGHLIGHT THE BENEFITS: “Spa services help people to feel good. Clearly highlighting the benefits of services may help to bring in more men,” says Katherine Wernet, senior spa and salon marketing manager at Mindbody. “Positioning offerings as a way to recover, rather than a way to pamper oneself, may further appeal to men.”

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