Use Crystals and Astrological Readings on These Dreamy Wellness Vacations

July 28, 2022 by Thrillist

It's hard to be human these days, and people are increasingly looking for respite and answers everywhere, including in the cosmos.

Wellness is no longer just about being physically fit; the majority of the more than 16,000 Americans surveyed for the 2022 MindBody Wellness Index said they are seeking mental and spiritual wellness, too.

It makes sense. We’ve been enduring a global pandemic (among other traumas, tragedies, and natural disasters), while science has continued to forge on. That’s some fertile ground for soul searching. It turns out wellness + vacation might just be for all of us. Read on to hear why this trend might be your cup of herbal tea after all, tips for a first-time trip, and recommended places around the world to tap into yourself, whether that’s Bali, the Caribbean, or a Four Seasons in New York City.

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