What To Know About Vinyasa Yoga - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

July 08, 2021 by Women's Health

Yoga is one of those workouts you either love or hate. If you fall in the latter camp, let us pose a question: Have you tried Vinyasa yoga? While Bikram and Ashtanga are typically more intense (especially for newbies), Vinyasa yoga is great for beginners and skeptics alike. That’s because the practice is very fluid, combining poses in sequences that focus on linking breath to movement.

For those who are looking to get their heart rate up during yoga, some versions will move quicker than others, but it’s easy to modify the go-to poses when you’re just starting out. However, don’t read “easy to modify” as “easy.” The practice can be plenty athletic—chaturanga is no joke for those triceps.

Vinyasa yoga boasts more variety than other practices, too. There are baseline moves you’ll encounter in most classes with some repetition of postures. But if you’re quickly bored by yoga styles with a monotonous routine, rest assured that Vinyasa mixes it up. Keep reading for a complete beginner’s guide, with an expert breakdown of eight basic moves.

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