Will We Ever Go Back to the Gym?

July 30, 2020 by Nylon

Quarantine has changed a lot within our lives — from our work routines to even relationships (a zoom date, anyone?) The same applies to the way we exercise. Given that having a gym built into your home isn't a reality for most, making a trip to the gym or a fitness class was just an everyday part of life.

While many have resorted to outdoor runs, others have simply turned to the numerous free workouts on YouTube. Then there are those that have retained memberships to their fitness studios that are now live streaming a lot of their classes, only really requiring minimal equipment such as a yoga mat, some weights, and exercise bands, among others. Not a big investment.

There’s also equipment-free HIIT or body-weight based workouts, upending the familial and conventional structure of the fitness world. Boxing, barre, pilates, sculpt, yoga — anything is possible to do from home as long as there’s a working internet connection.

“When COVID hit, we quickly pivoted to find a way to bring digital services to our consumers,” says Mindbody CEO, Rick Stollmeyer. The health and wellness app allows users to book spots across different studios, spas and salons across the country. “We added a new search filter to the Mindbody app and website to help consumers easily find and book virtual fitness classes and wellness experiences. With that feature, it’s now possible to explore all dimensions of holistic wellness regardless of where you’re based in the world.”

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